lillestrøm, Oslo

NATO and the High North / Technology Ultramarathon
Oslo: 20-22 May 2019

May 20-22
Project Coordinator at Joint Force Command Norfolk

CDRE Arne Morten Grønningsæter

Commodore Arne Morten Grønningsæter was born August 21st, 1959. He graduated from the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, Operations Studies, in 1979. He holds a Master of Law, specializing in maritime commercial trade agreements, from the University of Tromsø from 1994.

At sea, Grønningsæter served in RNoN Submarines, Fast Missile and Torpedo squadrons, Frigates and Battle Staffs. He served as Operations officer and Executive officer of HNoMS Narvik, commanded Fast Patrol Boats (FPB), FPB Divisions and the 21st Missile Torpedo Boat Squadron. Commodore Grønningsæter has served as Chief of the Naval Operations Centre at Defence Command Northern Norway. He reached the rank of Captain in 2002 and was appointed to Chief Joint Operations Staff at Regional Command Northern Norway. The following year he was promoted Commodore, while transferring to the Ministry of Defence, assigned as the Second in Command of the Department of Personnel and Joint Services. From 2008 he served as Assistant Chief of Staff for Joint Operations in Norwegian Joint Headquarters (NJHQ). In 2014 the commodore was appointed Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Command, Control, Deployment and Sustainment in Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in Norfolk Virginia. Commodore Grønningsæter currently serves as Project Coordinator for the establishment of JFCNF.

Commodore Grønningsæter has had a leading role in Allied and National Operations and management of Crises Response incidents in the High North and the Arctic.

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