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NATO and the High North / Technology Ultramarathon
Oslo: 20-22 May 2019

May 20-22
Senior Vice President of Utility Computing at Amazon Web Services

Charlie Bell

Charlie Bell began his career in 1979 as a developer of minicomputer software used to calculate optimal payload layout for NASA’s Space Shuttle program. In 1984, he took a hiatus from software development and moved into project engineering for integrated space shuttle cargoes. Bell managed the payload complement for STS-61B, working a console in Johnson Space Center through the Thanksgiving 1985 mission less than two months before the ill-fated Challenger disaster. He also owned the Hubble Space Telescope deploy mission, STS-31. During the post-Challenger accident “stand-down”, Bell became deeply involved in database programming and in 1989 he joined Oracle’s field services team. There, he spent seven years writing Oracle applications and managed numerous transactional systems projects and teams.

In 1996, Bell left Oracle and co-founded Server Technologies Group to build internet commerce transaction software. The team at Server Technologies fell in love with a small electronic commerce company just across Lake Washington, and in March 1998 closed doors and put on “” badges. Bell became the Director, and later Vice President, of Infrastructure for He has held several executive posts at Amazon since then, leading to his current job in Amazon Web Services (AWS). As Senior VP of Utility Computing, Bell currently owns world-wide engineering, operations, and product management for AWS. He graduated from the University of California Fullterton with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

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